Real Name: Quentin Beck

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #13, 1964.

Weapons/Tools: Mysterio's main weapon is his costume. It contains a one-way helmet which allows Mysterio to see out, but no one to see in. Mysterio's gloves shoot out acid that dissolves Spider-Man's webbing. His boots have smoke ejectors that relsease clouds of mist. Mysterio's boots also have magnetic plate springs that allow him to stick to walls, or leap large distances. Mysterio also uses many different holograms and robots, as well as an assorted amount of guns.

Biography: Quentin Beck is a stuntman and special effects man for tv movies. Using these skills, Beck creates a Spider-Man suit with gadgets that duplicate his spider powers. Beck uses this suit to rob banks, and then have police think Spider-Man is guily. After a few of these crimes, Beck puts on his Mysterio costume and goes to the police telling them that he is a hero who will bring Spider-Man in for his crimes. During their first battle on a bridge, Spider-Man underestimates Mysterio's powers and is defeated, but gets away. Spider-Man then tracks Mysterio down to a movie studio and faces him again. This time Spider-Man tricks Mysterio into thinking that he has defeated the hero. Mysterio then tells Spider-Man his origin, and that he committed the robberies with his Spider-Man suit. Unaware to Mysterio, Spider-Man has tape recorded this whole conversation! Then, Spider-Man defeats Mysterio and takes him in to the police, with the tape proving that he is innocent. Mysterio then goes to jail and keeps on breaking out using his genius skills, but is always put back ny Spider-Man. Mysterio once faked his death in prison and gave his costume to his cellmate Danny Berkhart, but this ploy was found out and Quentin Beck is now Mysterio again. Mysterio was also a member of the Sinister Six, and used robots of the Uncanny X-Men to try to defeat Spider-Man.

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