Gambit in Comics

Uncanny X-Men #266.
Uncanny X-Men #350.
X-Men #45.
Gambit and the X-Ternals #1.
Gambit in Chains.
Age of Apocalypse Gambit.
Gambit Looking Over the City.
Gambit Leap Kicking.

Black & White Gambit Pictures

Gambit #1 Page 5.
Gambit #1 Page 7.
Gambit #1 Page 8.
Gambit #1 Page 11.
Gambit #1 Page 24.

Gambit Cards

Gambit from the First Series of X-Men Cards.
Gambit in the 1995 X-Men Card Series.
A "Freeze Frame" Gambit Card from the Marvel 4 Series.
A Chrome Gambit Card.
Gambit's Old Marvel Masterpieces Card.
Gambit's New Marvel Masterpiece Card.

Other Gambit Pictures

Gambit vs. Venom Overpower Poster.
Small Gambit Picture.
An Animated Gambit from "Quake".

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