Real Name: Remy Lebeau

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266.

Mutant Powers: Gambit's mutant power is to kinetically charge objects, causing them to explode. He also has heightened agility, and low level psionic powers. Gambits eyes are red, with black pupils.

Weapons/Tools: Gambit's main weapons are the throwing cards he charges and throws. He also uses a modified bo staff.

History: Remy was an orphan, who grew up on the tough streets of New Orleans. He had to steal to survive, and this is how he met Jean-Luc Lebeau, leader of the Thieves Guild. Remy picked Jean-Luc's pocket at the age of 10. Jean-Luc became interested in the boy, and adopted him. Remy soon met Belladonna Boudreaux, a young girl in the rival Assassin's Guild. They soon became good friends, and were arranged to be married to unite the two guilds. When Gambit was 17, he went to France with his brother Henri. There they were to steal the rare gem known as the Cheating Star. It was in the possession of Genevieve Darceneaux, who was the daughter of an international jewel thief. Just as Gambit stole it, Sabretooth interfered. He had kidnaped both Genevieve and Henri. He forced Gambit to give up the gem, the threw both Genevieve and Henri off a rooftop. Acting quickly, Gambit saved his brother, but Genevieve fell to her death. After this, Gambit and Belladonna were married, but Belladonna's brother Julien never did accept it. He later challenged Gambit to a fencing match, and lost. Due to this, Gambit was banished from the Thieve's Guild. He spent many years wandering the globe, until he met a de-aged Storm escaping from the Shadow King and his hounds. She offered him membership into the X-Men, and he accepted. Gambit soon became romantically involved with the X-Woman Rogue. All seemed fine for Gambit, until it was revealed that he had ties with the long time X-Villain Mr. Sinister. This was revealed in Antarctica by Magneto in the role of Eric the Red. It turned out that Gambit was paid by Sinister to form the band of mercenaries known as the Marauders. The Marauders were the ones who massacred the Morlocks in there tunnels beneath New York. The Marauders also critically injured X-Men Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Kitty Pride, and were also responsible for the loss of Angel's wings. Due to this, Gambit was kicked out of the X-Men, and abandoned in Antarctica. He was rescued by a mysterious benefactor, who is now making Gambit do some jobs for him. After this, Gambit went to France, where he fought Hydro Man. A few months later, Gambit ran into Storm and Shadowcat when they were trying to help Juggernaut, and was taken back into the team. Gambit currently lives with the X-Men, but in the boathouse where Jean and Scott used to live. His most recent battle was with the X-Cutioner.

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