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All About Me

Name: Mark

Nickname: Merv (Given to me my second day of High School)

Age: 21

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Weight: 140 pounds

Education: Preschool-Grade 8: St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Catherdral School High School: Padua Franciscan High School (graduated with honors +__+) College: I am currently a Senior at Cleveland State University who is Majoring in Communication and Minoring in Philosophy.

Occupation: Once again a ticket taker at the Parmatown Mall theater, but only on the weekends!

Friends: Stefan, Russ, Matt Penny, Billy, Kevin M and Kevin T at CSU.

Favorite Movie: Toss up between "Grosse Point Blank" and "It's a Wonderful Life"

Favorite Current Actors: John Cusack and Ben Affleck.

Favorite Classic Actors: Jimmy Stewart and Vincent Price.

Favorite TV Shows: ANGEL and EVERWOOD

Favorite Old Shows: the Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, and the Andy Griffith Show.

Favorite Cartoon: Batman: TAS, Batman:Beyond, and Pokemon.

Favorite Bands: WEEZER, the Wallflowers, Third Eye Blind, U2, Unwritten Law, and Zwan.

Favorite RPGs: Castlevania: SOTN, Final Fantasy 7, Lunar:SSSC, and Wild ARMs.

Favorite Comic Books: All Batman Titles, New X-Men, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

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