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Joe Dawson (Jim Byrnes)

Joe Dawson is Duncan's Watcher, part of a secret organization of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere. They know the truth about Immortals. Joe and Duncan became friends after Duncan found an ancient Watcher Chronicle, even though Watcher law forbids Watchers from contacting their Immortals. Joe Dawson used to be a Marine, until he lost his legs in Vietnam, when he fell victim to a landmine. An Immortal soldier carried him to safety, died, then came back to life. This shocked Dawson, and when he tried to tell others, they just thought he was suffering from stress. He was then approched by an Australian named Ian Bancroft. Ian told him the truth about Immortals, and recruited him as a Watcher. Joe used to live in America, and was born in Illinois, but now lives in Paris and owns a bar.

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Profile Picture. Joe Dawson. Joe. Joe Dawson in a World without Duncan MacLeod.
Joe with Duncan. Joe with Richie.. Joe with Duncan after his Dark Quickening. Gun at Joe's Head!

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