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Final Fantasy 7 Screen Shots

These are some special Final Fantasy 7 screen shots of mine. The reason they are special is because they have all been taken during my game of the PC version of Final Fantasy 7. These pictures have not been taken from another website. I hope you all enjoy these pics, and there will be more as I go through the game. Enjoy!

The Squaresoft Logo with Chocobos.The Snake Impaled by Sephiroth.Sephiroth carrying Jenova's Head.
Little baby Chicks you find.Corel burnt down by Shinra.The Ropeway at the Gold Saucer.
The Entryway at the Gold Saucer.Being Arrested at the Saucer.Crazy Dyne.
Vincent Valentine In His Coffin.You Know Sephiroth?Sephiroth Throwing a Materia at Cloud.

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