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My Award

This is an award I created. It is available to all. All you must do to recieve it is email your URL to the address below. Below it is a list of links of the pages who have won my award and their ratings. Enjoy!

Merv's Award

Email Your URL To This Address


Sites That Have Won My Award

Solace Software: 12/12 Tons of free homemade HTML editor and other program downloads!
Nocturne Of Sephiroth: 12/12 Personal Homepage with Sephiroth Scream, Highlander, and more!
Frank's Page: 6/12 Has great links, downloads, and a whole lot more!
Star Trek - The Philliprise: 10/12 Has great Star Trek Stuff; Interesting Navigation.
Dreamfire Central: 10/12 A Great RPG Resources Page!
The Unofficial Zelda 3 Page: 11/12 The Best Zelda 3 site on the web!
Super Mario RPG: 6/12 A Great Super Mario RPG Site!
Weeve 73's Homepage: 7/12 An all around great site about video games, TI-82 games, and more!
The Homepage of the Moogle: 8/12 Has info and original pics of Moogles, as well as Emulation.
Ally's PokeIsland: 11/12 A great Pokemon site!
Zelda 64 Site: 6/12 A new Zelda 64 site. Nice effort!
Video Game Codes: 7/12 Has some Codes and FAQs on N64 and Playstation games.
The "NEW" uVw!: 9/12 A Great General Video Game Site.
Firstborn Dragon's RPG Hoard: 10/12 A Great RPG Site.
Final Fantasy Downloads: 11/12 A Fantastic Final Fantasy Site.
Leanne Maree Richer's Web Comix: 11/12 A Great Original Comicbook Site.
Link's Ocarina: 7/12 A Nice Zelda 64 Site with Nice Content.
World of Super Mario RPG: 8/12 An Awesome Site About an Awesome Game.
Zelda Tech/The Electronic Poke Center: 6/12 A Pretty Nice Site on Zelda 64, With a New Pokemon Section.
Mistress Quistis's FF VIII Palace: 6/12 A Nice Personal/FF8 site.
Chrono Chross Palace: 4/12 12 year old Joey's shrine to this great game.
Cesca's Homepage: 10/12 An Italian Site featuring FF7 & FF8, and a LOT more.
MonzurWorld: 6/12 A personal site from India.
Trillium: 12/12 Has personal thoughts, Winamp skins, fanart, and lots of other cool stuff.
Sonic's Stop: 9/12 Anything and Everything Sonic the Hedgehog related.
The Home of SCW2: 10/12 Another super Sonic site!
Webzbox: Final Fantasy Collection: 7/12 A Final Fantasy VIII site with a little more!
GreatFinalFantasyShrine: 9/12 A Really Nice Personal and Final Fantasty related site!
Ryan's Final Fantasy Shrine: 5/12 A Good Site, but is still being worked on, Score will increase when done!
Super Mario RPG Player's Site: 10/12 A Great Site for this Great Game, Constantly Being Worked On. NICE JOB!
The Bronze Comic Club: 12/12 The Most Complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics page Imaginable!
The Ultimate Green Lantern Website: 11/12 The Name Says It All!
GAMEWIZKID's Super Mario RPG World: 10/12 A Great Site with More Work to Come!
Zidane's Final Fantasy Homepage: 8/12 Covers FF7-FF10
Watler's World: 7/12 Anything and Everything Video Game Related!
:+: Star Fantasy :+:: 10/12 Contains next to everything on Star Ocean, Final Fantasy VII, Sonic the Hedgehog, an under-construction DragonBall section, and tons more stuff!
CrOnO2K's RpG PaGe: 7/12 Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Super Mario RPG and MORE!
Mario Mania: 6/12 A fairly new Mario RPG site whose score will increase as it develops. Be sure to check it out!!!

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